Pula shipyard Uljanik

The Croatian state is selling its majority stake in the Uljanik shipyard for only 9.7 million euros.

The Croatian government, as the primary creditor, has decided to proceed with the attempt to sell the Uljanik company. This time, they did not lower the price. The construction of the 526, an unfinished livestock transport ship, was the card the Uljanik management wanted to play to delay the continuation of the company’s sale. They…

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generators končar

In 2024, KONČAR aims to achieve total revenues exceeding €960 million and orders worth €1.6 billion.

KONČAR Group is primarily involved in the production of electrical equipment and systems across various sectors, including power generation and distribution, transportation (rail vehicles and railway infrastructure), industry, and renewable energy. Their product range includes transformers, generators, electric motors, switchgear, control systems, and components for electrified transportation systems. They also provide engineering, maintenance, and related…

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rijeka most bridge river

Public Procurement Announcement The City of Velika Gorica: Reconstruction of Poljana Čička Bridge and Construction of a New Replacement Bridge

The City of Velika Gorica is pleased to announce a public procurement for the reconstruction of Poljana Čička Bridge, located on the public road marked as L311630-001, and the construction of a new replacement bridge. Key Details: Procurement Documents: Detailed specifications, terms, and conditions, as well as the procurement documents, can be obtained from the…

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public bikes

Public Procurement Announcement: City of Vrbovec – Public Bicycle System

The City of Vrbovec is pleased to announce a public procurement for the implementation of a public bicycle system. This project aims to provide an efficient and sustainable mode of transportation for citizens and visitors of Vrbovec. Estimated Value: 44,754.13 EUR Deadline for Submission: 05.07.2023 at 12:00 PM For all the detailed information regarding this…

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Conference 6th Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting

Conference 6th Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting (DIEM 2023) – 29th June – 1st July 2023

Dubrovnik international economic meeting 2023. Soon will be the 6th Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting (DIEM 2023), Scientific Conference in the fields of Global Crisis, Digital Transformation and New Leadership and Entrepreneurial Approaches to be held on 29th June – 1st July 2023, organised by the University of Dubrovnik, Department of Economics and Business. We would…

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