rijeka most bridge river

Public Procurement Announcement The City of Velika Gorica: Reconstruction of Poljana Čička Bridge and Construction of a New Replacement Bridge

The City of Velika Gorica is pleased to announce a public procurement for the reconstruction of Poljana Čička Bridge, located on the public road marked as L311630-001, and the construction of a new replacement bridge. Key Details: Procurement Documents: Detailed specifications, terms, and conditions, as well as the procurement documents, can be obtained from the … Read more

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public bikes

Public Procurement Announcement: City of Vrbovec – Public Bicycle System

The City of Vrbovec is pleased to announce a public procurement for the implementation of a public bicycle system. This project aims to provide an efficient and sustainable mode of transportation for citizens and visitors of Vrbovec. Estimated Value: 44,754.13 EUR Deadline for Submission: 05.07.2023 at 12:00 PM For all the detailed information regarding this … Read more

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Ski Lift Conveyor Belt for Bajt Slope

Tender Announcement: Procurement and Installation of a Ski Lift Sledding Conveyor Belt for Bajt Slope by the Municipality of Ravna Gora

The Municipality of Ravna Gora is pleased to announce a public tender for the procurement and installation of a ski lift conveyor belt for the Bajt Slope. This project aims to enhance the skiing facilities and provide visitors with a seamless and efficient transportation system. The estimated value of this procurement is 170,000.00 euros. Interested … Read more

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photomath google Acquisition

Google Acquisition – Croatian Company Photomath, A New Addition to the Google Family

Google has acquired Croatian Photomath. The Croatian Photomath application officially becomes a part of the Google family. The sales acquisition process started in May 2022, followed by a waiting period for regulatory approval. The acquisition has now been confirmed. Photomath is a technology company that has developed a popular mobile application of the same name. … Read more

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Croatia airlines Croatia exports

Croatia Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Croatia, member of Star Alliance

Croatia Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Croatia, headquartered in Zagreb. It was established in 1989 and began operations in 1991, following the country’s independence. Croatia Airlines operates both domestic and international flights, connecting Croatia with various destinations in Europe. This year they will fly on 47 international routes, with over 17,000 flights. … Read more

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The Port of Rijeka: A Crucial Harbor Link in Europe’s International Supply Chains

The most important cargo harbor in Croatia is generally considered to be the Port of Rijeka. Here’s why: While other Croatian harbors, such as the Port of Split and the Port of Ploče, also play important roles in cargo shipping, the Port of Rijeka’s size, capacity, strategic location, and extensive connectivity make it the most … Read more

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Eurovision 2023 Let 3 mama ŠČ SC

Mama ŠČ lyrics

Lyrics Mama kupila traktora, ščMama kupila traktora, ščMama kupila traktoraTrajna-nina, armagedon, nona, ščMama kupila traktora, ščMama kupila traktora, ščMama kupila traktoraTrajna-nina, armagedon, nonaTraktora Mama ljubila morona, ščMama ljubila morona, ščMama ljubila moronaTrajna-nina, armagedon, nona A, b, c, č, ć, d, dž, đ , a, b, c, č, ć, d, dž, đE, f, g, h, i, … Read more

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Let 3 Rijeka mama ŠČ SC

Trending – The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 – Croatian group Let 3 with song Mama ŠČ

Let 3 is a Croatian rock band known for their provocative and energetic performances. They have been active since the late 1980s and have gained a dedicated following with their unique style and outspoken lyrics. Let 3 has always pushed boundaries with their music and stage presence, often addressing social and political issues in their … Read more

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