The town of Posdarje is selling attractive seaside land 170.017m2.


The municipality of Posdarje has announced a tender for the sale of attractive seaside land 170.017m2, right by the sea in the tourist zone of Posedarje – Svrdlac Ivandići, at a price of around 7 million euros or 41.15 euros per square meter.

The condition for purchase is that within 5 years of the sale of the land, the investor must build a hotel or return the land to the ownership of Posdarje with a 50% refund of the money.

You can find detailed purchasing instructions at the following link in Word document.

The deadline for submitting bids is April 11, 2024 (Monday) at 12:00 PM, by which time offers must be received at the Posdarje Municipality regardless of the delivery method.

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