EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY: Institute for Security in Croatia is for sale – ACT URGENTLY BY 06/02/2024

Work security

A package of 95.6% shares is offered at an initial price of 866.5 thousand euros, and the public bidding will take place by Croatian government, at CERP on February 6th at 12 o’clock. The condition for participation in the competition is the payment of a deposit in the amount of 10% of the initial price, and the price increment, according to the set conditions of the competition, will be 900 euros. Otherwise, the nominal value of that package of shares of the Institute for Security is 534,000 euros.

The Institute for Security is a small Zagreb-based company that specializes in fire safety testing and occupational safety protection in industrial, educational, and other spaces. Its revenues are above 300 thousand euros, and it has around 10 employees, with a downward trend in recent years and operating at a loss. Official web site is http://institutzasigurnost.hr/

The Institute for Security has its own business premises, not far from the center of Zagreb, visible at Google maps https://maps.app.goo.gl/gh3vWXY9GmGk3tLq6


Contact the government organization – CERP is Centar za restrukturiranje i prodaju Hrvatska, Ivana Lučića 6, 10000 Zagreb

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Poslovne banke CERP-a
• Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., Zagreb / IBAN: HR59 2340 0091 1106 0677 8 / SWIFT: PBZGHR2X
• Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d., Zagreb / IBAN: HR60 2390 0011 1007 7564 6 / SWIFT: HPBZHR2X
• Erste & Steiermarkische bank d.d., Rijeka / IBAN: HR68 2402 0061 1006 7186 9 / SWIFT: ESBCHR22