Applied Ceramics: World-Class Microchip Manufacturing from Sisak Croatia

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Custom Ceramic Machining Services

Applied Ceramics is a renowned producer of components utilized in the manufacturing of microchips. Its client base includes major global corporations like Intel, Toshiba, TSMC, and Bosch. Over the years, Applied Ceramics has solidified its position as a leading supplier of high-quality materials in the semiconductor industry. The company’s flexibility, swift responsiveness, and extensive expertise have been key factors attracting manufacturers of semiconductor processing equipment, ensuring the timely delivery of precision-machined ceramics. By upholding exceptional quality standards, Applied Ceramics endeavors to offer clients distinct advantages while bypassing the common challenges associated with semiconductor ceramics manufacturing, often encountered by larger corporations.

At Applied Ceramics, their skilled team specializes in crafting intricate designs and products, leveraging extensive manufacturing knowledge. Their dedication lies in assisting clients in tailoring precise solutions that meet specific industry requirements. Through the utilization of unique materials and cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, Applied Ceramics delivers exceptional performance benefits, providing unparalleled advantages for its esteemed clientele.

The remarkable revenue growth observed in Applied Ceramics from 2018 to 2022 sets a significant tone. Here’s an insightful summary of the annual revenues:

2019: €7 million

2020: €8 million

2021: €10.5 million

2022: €13 million

This consistent upward trajectory in revenue signifies a promising financial journey for Applied Ceramics during this five-year span. It signifies stability and potentially heightened business engagements, likely stemming from expansions or amplified demand for the company’s array of products and services.

Today, there aren’t too many global players in the semiconductor industry due to the technology evolving at an astonishing pace, as emphasized by the owner and founder, Matt Darko Sertić. What was relevant a decade ago is now forgotten and unknown; hence, Applied Ceramics holds the status of a treasure trove of historical knowledge, recognized by companies within the industry.

The technology behind microchip manufacturing must keep pace with new trends. Applied Ceramics holds an ideal position, as companies approach them with new products seeking tailored solutions, which Applied Ceramics can adapt to and subsequently manufacture.

Applied Ceramics is positioned to observe the industry’s direction and the evolution of the sector alongside technological advancements. Consequently, they can better adapt and offer their products in line with these advancements.

photo image borrowed from Applied Ceramics.