Opportunity Knocks: Join the Bidding for GP Krk and Secure a Stake in a Island Krk Construction Company, deadline 05.06.2023

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The Croatian government is selling a stake in the company GP Krk, located on the island of Krk. According to publicly available data, the company is engaged in the activity of 4211 – Construction of roads and highways. In 2020, GP Krk had a turnover of 99.98 million euros, while in 2021, the turnover was 91.99 million euros. The company is also involved in other building activities.

GP Krk, also known as Građevno poduzeće Krk d.d., is a construction company based on the island of Krk in Croatia. Here is some additional information about GP Krk:

  1. History and Expertise: GP Krk has a long history and experience in the construction industry. The company specializes in road and highway construction, as well as various other construction projects. They have been involved in infrastructure development, including the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, tunnels, and other civil engineering projects.
  2. Size and Operations: GP Krk is considered one of the leading construction companies in Croatia. It has a diverse workforce and a fleet of machinery and equipment to undertake construction projects of different scales. The company operates not only on the island of Krk but also throughout Croatia, contributing to the country’s infrastructure development.
  3. Projects: GP Krk has been involved in numerous construction projects across Croatia. Their portfolio includes the construction and rehabilitation of roads and highways, bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure projects. They have worked on projects funded by the government, local municipalities, and private entities.
  4. Expertise in Road Construction: GP Krk’s specialization in road and highway construction has allowed them to gain expertise in this area. They possess the necessary equipment, resources, and technical knowledge to undertake road construction projects efficiently.
  5. Contribution to the Local Economy: As one of the prominent companies on the island of Krk, GP Krk plays a significant role in the local economy. The company provides employment opportunities and contributes to the development and maintenance of the island’s infrastructure.

The number of shares for sale is 172, which represents 0.22% of the company’s share capital. The starting selling price is 4,128.00 euros or 50 euros per share. The deadline for bidding is June 5, 2023.

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