Most famous Croatian fashion product worldwide in KRAVATA – necktie

croatia kravata necktie

he cravat (or necktie) is often cited as one of the most famous Croatian products. The cravat is a type of necktie that is worn with a suit or formal attire, and it has a long and interesting history that is closely tied to Croatian culture.

The cravat is said to have originated in Croatia in the 17th century, where it was worn by Croatian mercenaries who served in the Thirty Years’ War. The neckties that the mercenaries wore were made from a simple piece of cloth that was tied around the neck, and they quickly caught on as a fashionable accessory among European nobility.

Over time, the cravat evolved into a more elaborate and decorative accessory, with various styles and colors becoming popular in different regions. Today, the cravat is still worn by many men around the world, and it remains an important part of Croatian cultural heritage.

In fact, the cravat is so important to Croatian culture that there is a museum dedicated to it in Zagreb, called the Museum of the Cravat. The museum showcases the history and evolution of the cravat, with displays of antique cravats and other neckwear from various periods in history.

Overall, the cravat is a symbol of Croatian culture and craftsmanship, and it has made a significant impact on fashion and style around the world.